About me

I am the Wallenberg-NTU Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow in School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in Prof.Yang Liu’s group (2018-now). I received my Ph.D (2014-2018), MSc (2011-2014) and B.E. (2007-2011) degrees from Tianjin University , China, where I was supervised by Prof.Xiaohong Li and Prof.Zhiyong Feng.

My current research mainly focuses on program analysis, software testing, verification and AI security.

  • Program Analysis. We are working at program analysis especially on the challenging task, i.e., automatic loop analysis. We have conducted a series of works on loop analysis and summarisation, including the loop classification and disjunctive loop summarisation (FSE’16 and TSE’18), string loop summarisation (ISSTA’15) and loop termination analysis (ESEC/FSE’17).
  • Deep Learning Security. Currently, my major focus is on the security and quality analysis of deep learning systems, which is a new research problem. We have conducted several works including an empricy study about develop and deployment issues of deep learning system (ASE’19), coverage-guided fuzz testing for feedfoward neural networks (ISSTA’19, ASE’19), quantitative analysis of recurrent neural networks (ESEC/FSE’19, ASE’19), evaluating the data quality and robustness of models via mutation testing (ASE’19) and deep learning deployment issues detection (IJCAI’19).
  • Software Testing and Verification. We are working at several testing and security topics including adaptive fuzzing for vulnerability detection (ESEC/FSE’19), directed fuzzing (CCS’18), hybrid testing based on symbolic execution and fuzzing (JOS’19), root cause analysis of buffer overflow (ESEC/FSE’19) and automatic testing for online combat games (ASE’19). In addition, we also did some works about security protocol verification (JDCTA’12, ICFEM’14).


  1. (10/2019) Our paper “Wuji: Automatic Online Combat Game Testing Using Evolutionary Deep Reinforcement Learning” receives the ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award in ASE’19.
  2. (10/2019) I was awarded ACM SIGSOFT CAPS Travel Funds for ASE 2019.
  3. (08/2019) Three papers including DeepHunter, DeepStellar and DeepMutation++ are accepted by ASE 2019.
  4. (08/2019) Two papers “An Empirical Study towards Characterizing Deep Learning Development and Deployment across Different Frameworks and Platforms” and “Wuji: Automatic Online Combat Game Testing Using Evolutionary Deep Reinforcement Learning”” are accepted by ASE 2019.
  5. (07/2019) Two papers “Safe Inputs Generation for Black-box Systems” and “MobiDroid: A Performance-Sensitive Malware Detection System on Mobile Platform” are accepted by ICECCS 2019.
  6. (05/2019) Three papers “DeepStellar: Model-Based Quantitative Analysis of Stateful Deep Learning Systems”, “Locating Vulnerabilities in Binaries via Memory Layout Recovering” and “Cerebro: Context-aware Adaptive Fuzzing for EffectiveVulnerability Detection” are accepted by ESEC/FSE 2019.
  7. (05/2019) Our paper “DiffChaser: Detecting Disagreements for Deep Neural Networks” is accepted by IJCAI 2019.
  8. (05/2019) Our paper “DeepHunter: A Coverage-Guided Fuzz Testing Framework for Deep Neural Networks” is accepted by ISSTA 2019.